Ekklesia Project blogging: Cavanaugh’s “The Empire of the Empty Shrine”

Posted by on July 19, 2005 at 3:09 pm.

The Ekklesia Project‘s yearly conference is going on right now in Chicago. My friends Charlie and Kaz () are out there networking and blogging the event.

The first day featured a talk by William Cavanaugh, author of Torture and Eucharistand Theopolitical Imagination. Cavanaugh is also currently “developing a theology of suffering based upon snow” (listen to Charlie’s audio link below for more dry humor from the person introducing Cavanaugh).

Cavanaugh’s talk is titled “The Empire of the Empty Shrine.”

These summaries from my friends and the talk itself come highly, highly recommended — by me!

Today’s talk comes from AKMA, and is dubbed ” ‘The Strong Right Arm That Holds For Peace’: Godliness as an Alternative to Empire.” I expect summaries, Kaz and Charlie!