Remember Construx?

Posted by on January 19, 2006 at 9:39 pm.

In the mid-to-late 80’s I had Construx. Kinda like LEGOs, but kinda not. They were made by Fisher-Price, and only lasted from around 1983-1988. Well, I got some in the mail today. Talk about nostalgia. I love these things.

One of the cool things about them is that they didn’t exactly come with precise instructions on how to assemble the one creation that shows up on the cover of the box; they came with a booklet of ideas for all sorts of different configurations to use the different interesting pieces that came in the set.

Also, as they say, they “build big.” Check out the creations on this guy’s page, especially the AT-AT.

I don’t exactly know why Fisher-Price stopped making these things, but they shouldn’t have stopped.

Check out the story on this guy’s Construx:

Why THESE Construx are the BEST available!
Assorted Lots. HIGH VALUE. Low Price.

This lot comes complete with a nicely packed box or randomly assorted Construx Building Toys. The box is packed to the brim and the actual scale weight is shown.

The bottome three pictures give you an idea how much various weights ammount to when you pile them up. The bowl they’re in is a 30″ diameter industrial kitchen mixing bowl. 2lbs is a good ammount. 4lbs is even better. 7lbs is so many the bowl can barely contain them. Use these pictures to guage how many of these awsome building toys you need. Believe me they add up quickly.

I purchased these toys 3 years ago from various sources. I bought and bought and bought…. I ended up with around 130lbs of Construx. Now that number may be hard to visulize but imagine a pile 8′ in diameter that stood a whopping 3′ tall. THATS ONE HUGE MOUND OF BUILDING TOYS.

When I purchased these toys I was afraid of germs, dirt, ick. I put them all into a kids wading pool, filled the pool with water and then dumped in a gallon of Simple Green from Costco. I then took one of my wife’s big kitchen spoons and stired and stired and stired. I let the pieces (Non-electronic) soak in that kiddie pool for 5 whole days. Every day coming home from work and stirring and stirring. Needless to say every single surface was cleaned and disenfected.

I then took the whole lot, all 130lbs and carted it upstairs to our bathroom. It all went in the tub and on when the shower. The tub was filled and all the pieces were rinsed 3 times. Tub filled up… pieces swished around and rinsed and then the tub drained. THREE TIMES, until each and every piece in that 130lbs of Construx was completely rinsed clean and made brand spankin new.

After the rinsing in the tub all the pieces were spread out on our living room floor in about 15 passes. Each pass covering the floor from wall to wall with drying Construx. I brought in 5 large fans and two heaters and within a week all the pieces dried completely.

While this may sound like a lot of work the results were amazing. Every single piece sparkled as if it was new again. And best of all. They had almost no oder. Only a nice fresh clean smell that they retain to this day.

After all this work I purchased three massive toy containers and put all the Construx in them. Three years passed. They toys never left the containers. Every week for three years I would open one of the drawers, show the Constructs to our kids and every week they would say… eh….

So, I figure three years is enough. Its time to let these pieces go.

I guess at the very least these toys got the cleaning of their life and nice warm storage all this time.

Each box, container and package contains a nice mixed assortment of connectors, beams, rods, tracks, wheels, space, military, alien, construction, dinosaur, glow-in-the-dark and many other sets that are too numerous to mention.

Talk about cleanliness. This guy must be next to ‘godliness’ at the rate he’s going. I’m totally going to get at least one of these auctions. He has like 18 of these auctions going on right now, all in buy-it-now format. Weee!