David Overholt: Still ‘Streaming’!

Posted by on March 21, 2007 at 4:22 pm.

David Overholt - Self Portrait

One of my best friends–David Overholt–is okay. But, we had quite a scare a couple mornings ago. Around 7:30-ish in the morning, I found Dave-O having some ‘tonic-clonic’ seizures (a common name for them is ‘grand mal’ seizures). At the time, I didn’t know that that was what was going on, so I called 911 after realizing he wasn’t responsive at all to my questioning and the paramedics arrived within minutes to whisk him away to Scripps Mercy Hospital. Under heavy sedation from hospital-administered drugs and with a breathing tube making him breathe, he remained in this state for a little over 24 hours.

As of around 1pm-ish yesterday, Dave-O has since woken up, and is as hilarious as ever! Thank God. He’s been pretty drugged up, but quite responsive, and able to answer all the questions that the doctors were asking. His throat is a bit sore, but that’s probably the least of his worries at the moment.

Dave-O’s Mom flew in from Oklahoma City last night and was able to visit him. A group of us made him some really silly cards out of placemats and crayons from Pizza Nova, delivering them to him after his mom exited the ICU. We also smuggled in some barbecue chicken pizza for him — his favourite.

The neurologist that I spoke to yesterday in the late afternoon seemed to be pretty sure of the types of seizures that David was having, so we are very thankful that the road to diagnosis is not so unsure any longer. Now the challenge is just figuring out which kind of medication he will have to take, but many people have this kind of thing in their life and are able to function quite normally.

Truth is, if the hospital had a workable WiFi connection, David would already be blogging about his medical adventures, as his laptop and other technological affects are at his bedside.

We are very thankful that David is still kickin’ –albeit groggily for now– and in usual Dave-O fashion.

As a last-minute update, I’ve just received word from my friend Danielle that he is doing so much better than even yesterday. She said that he’s responding as quickly to things as he usually does, so it seems like all those sedatives have finally worn off. Again, we are all very thankful for our friend David.