An (Academic) Update

Posted by on March 10, 2008 at 2:16 pm.

I’ve been incredibly busy, but thought I should throw up an update on some goings-on.  First, I’ve been accepted into the University of Nottingham’s PhD theology program to study under Conor Cunningham.  I’m currently waiting to hear on my funding applications, which everybody tells me is a really competitive “crap shoot” of sorts, and we should hear by mid-May or so about the status of that. I am also trying to figure out other funding options that do not involve loans (Tiana and I already have too many from our undergrad years still).  There is also a really cool Centre of Theology and Philosophy conference that is about to be announced so stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime I have also applied to Marquette University just in case things at Nottingham don’t pan out.  Unfortunately, my GRE scores weren’t the greatest (did even worse the second time I took it–standardized tests seriously f- with my brain), so I have absolutely no idea if they will accept me or not.  We will see.  They are supposed to inform me sometime around the Ides of March.

Meanwhile I have been working on my Master’s Thesis.  I began the writing process this past week and from here on out it is full steam ahead.   At this point I am not going to say too much what it is about (e-mail me if you want, but it’s probably not super interesting to most) but as I think I have mentioned before, here is a list of my thesis reading books if you care to browse.

We’ve had some visitors lately and will have some more soon this next weekend.  Last week my brother and his family were in town on their first family vacation since LaRae had Phaedra in June.  See here for some extremely cute pics of their daughter Phaedra.  And this past weekend Tiana’s friend Jaclyn was in town with her boyfriend and we went out to The Mission for some delicious brunch.  And this weekend our friends Johnny & Alyssa and David Overholt will be in town.

Now it is lunchtime for me!