The Skinny: Of moving

Posted by on August 2, 2008 at 9:49 am.

We have been taking it easy lately, and it is time to ramp up all of our moving plans this weekend.  The latest is that Tiana and I took all of last week and this past Monday off to visit our family and friends in central and northern California.  It was wonderfully relaxing and good to see our family during the week in Merced and Concord, and then over the weekend we spent time with friends at our second annual “sweet summer shindig.”  My wife Tiana has posted pictures of the highlights of the trip on her blog, and the full four galleries of pictures can be found here:

Visiting: Merced - the Lee's

Visiting: Merced – the Lee’s

Visiting: Concord - the Reinhardt's

Visiting: Concord – the Reinhardt’s

Sweet Summer Shingdig in Santa Rosa, CA

Sweet Summer Shingdig in Santa Rosa, CA

One last day in Concord

One last day in Concord

Oh, and did I mention?  Tiana just started blogging!  Her sister Shalina designed it for her.  Rad, eh?

Meanwhile, a bunch of things have gotten in order for our plans to move to Nottingham.  Cue the bulleted list:

  • Secured an apartment in Nottingham
  • Moved all of our stuff that we are keeping in storage to my parents’ garage
  • Got our UK visas in the mail a couple of weeks ago
  • Fly out August 18th and arrive the morning of the 19th

This weekend we are going to get some of our stuff more securely boxed up and ready for shipping.  Although, tonight’s agenda includes going to see Eddie Izzard in downtown San Diego at Spreckels.  I’ve been a huge fan of his since my friend Dave-O introduced me to his Dress to Kill performance.  And then tomorrow is Tiana’s birthday!

Lots going on.  More to come.