When engulfed in PhD studies

Posted by on September 29, 2008 at 9:16 pm.

On the same day that we find out that Russell Crowe will be playing both Robin Hood and the Sheriff in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham, I officially begin my PhD studies in the town of the same name.

This morning at 3:45am, Tiana left the house for Rome for a week with our friend Ester who has somewhat extensive ties with the Focolare movement.  So, this week I’ll be missing her while I dive into my studies.

This afternoon I sat in on the first session of Philip Goodchild’s “Continental Philosophy of Religion” module.  Much of this class will be review for me, but a good handful is new and will be really helpful, especially the Nietzsche and Deleuze stuff.  So far (just one day), the module is already bursting at the seams with attendance.  I’m hoping that another module I hope to sit in will also be eagerly attended by taught MA and research students alike.  That module is called “Aesthetics, Philosophy and Religion: From Idealism to Romanticism,” taught by Michael Mack.  That module will cover Spinoza, Herder, Hamman, and Novalis, among others.

Meanwhile, it looks like the $700 billion bailout did not happen and the Dow crashed pretty bad.  No idea what this is really going to mean both in the short and long terms.  My still-living grandmother lived through the great depression, but she told me once that she didn’t really notice as much because she was 9 years old and lived on a farm that was able to sustain itself.  Because I can’t offer anything approaching coherence on the present economic crisis, John Médaille offers some informed thoughts here.