New Family Member: Andi

Posted by on December 14, 2008 at 1:38 pm.

A couple of weeks ago, Tiana and I got our first new kitty together. Previously, we had a foster cat named Durango for a couple of years, but she went back to her original home family in Oklahoma.  Last night, our friend Hayley showed us how to trim her claws so that she won’t completely shred our couches.

I took these pics on the second day we had her:

Her name is Andi, like from the Goonies (“Andi! You Goonie!!!”).  She is a ‘tortise shell’ cat (some call them ‘torties’, but we won’t!).  She is super playful–sometimes too much!–as well as incredibly loving.  She loves to snuggle and rub her face against your chin and neck while she purrs really loud.  Andi is still very much a kitty and has a lot to learn, but she is beginning to learn when we don’t want her to do something.  Tiana has been doing an intense amount of research online about how to train, or at least discipline kittens in a dignified way.

We have a scratching post / hideout thing arriving this week, so I will probably be posting more pictures then.