Observations Meta: open letters partial

Posted by on January 11, 2009 at 5:31 pm.

If you google “rad things” the first search result is my blog.  If you were feeling lucky with that term, then “hi!”

To all the Fergie fans looking for something substantial: sorry.  You are the ones finding my blog the most from search terms in the last quarter, which is sad.

To those looking for “Ezekiel 4:12Open Link in New Window bread”, thanks for having a sense of humour and reading the full context.

Searching for “nazbo”, this humble blog will appear as its second search result, most likely due to Ben Myer’s ability to have a theological slashdot/digg effect (or the lesser-known “wanged”) whenever he links to anything.  To coin a simple, almost too-obvious phrase for this effect: Myered.  Do with that what you will.