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My name is Eric Lee and I am married to the wonderful Tiana Reinhardt Lee. We lived in San Diego from 97/98 to 2008 and then left to live in Nottingham, England, where I pursued and received a PhD in philosophical theology in 2013. We stayed in Nottingham for a total of five years until moving back to California in Sacramento in 2013. We are still relatively new to Sacramento but enjoy being close to both of our families.


See my essay on Søren Kierkegaard & Henri de Lubac in this volume.

Programming: My first degree was a BA in Computer science at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU).  The summer before my senior year I started working as a Web Programmer at BlueHornet Networks, Inc., and remained there for a total of five years.  Then I took a job at PLNU as a Application Programmer Analyst… basically I did programming and programming-related tasks. Since returning to California in 2013, I’ve been a part-time contract web developer for Spear Marketing where I’ve done similar HTML/jQuery/PHP/MySQL things to my time at BlueHornet (but in the B2B space).

Academics: In January of 2006 I started an MA program in Religion with a concentration in Theology at PLNU, and graduated in May 2008. I received a full-tuition scholarship from the UK government (Overseas Research Scholarship) to pursue a PhD in Theology and Philosophy at the University of Nottingham, where I studied under Dr Conor Cunningham.  I graduated in July of 2013 with a doctoral thesis written on the topic of personhood, analogy, and dialogue. I am currently seeking a position teaching theology and/or philosophy in a university or seminary setting. My most recent CV may be seen here (or downloaded here in PDF).

PrintI maintain editorial responsibilities for two academic book series with Wipf & Stock: Veritas, which has published over 20 books, and KALOS. I also serve as managing editor for the online open access journal Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics. In 2015, along with Samuel Kimbriel, I co-edited a book of essays entitled The Resounding Soul: Reflections on the Metaphysics and Vivacity and of the Human Person. These essays come from a conference on the topic of the Soul held in Oxford during the summer of 2013.

Outside of my part-time programming job and academic duties, my biggest extra-curricular activity is playing modern euro-style boardgames. I enjoy the interaction and mechanisms (and brain burn!) of most of the games that have been released post [Settlers of] Catan. I’m not very good at them; I simply enjoy figuring out the puzzle of how the interlocking pieces function and how the economics of play work out in the game mechanisms themselves in addition to the biggest variable of human interaction. I’ve been blessed to find a number of game groups in Sacramento and East Bay Area where I’ve been able to make new friends and explore this hobby.