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Blogging elsewhere

Oddly, not much blogging around these parts lately, but elsewhere, I’ve posted the third and final post of my series on Kierekgaard and Socrates here at Cynthia Nielsen’s Per Caritatem blog (the first two can be found here and here).

Bruce Ellis Benson‘s engagement with Dan Siedell’s God in the Gallery is also now up at the Church and Postmodern Culture blog.

OMGEES, this “No Pets Clause” post on Emails From Crazy People had me laughing very loudly this morning while I was eating my breakfast.  Thanks Jenn, for sending that along.

Avocado: it’s what’s for dinner

I don’t often link to paintings on this blog, but today’s painting from Duane Keiser of my most beloved San Diego staple is wonderfully delicious.

Here is something I whipped up


My friend Danielle, who is the Resident Director of Nease West at PLNU, posted a bunch of RD & Resident Assistant “model shots” of her and her RA’s on her Facebook, and when I saw the above posed picture, the first thing I thought of is what I came up with above. Some of them Nease peeps are huge fans of LOST, if you cannot tell.

(Photo of Nease RD & RA’s courtesy of Kaz)