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Friday Electronic Music Blogging – Daedelus & his Monome

Yeah, it’s just a bit into Saturday, but I saw this earlier this week on XLR8R TV and this guy is awesome. That’s all.

Alfred Darlington, our favorite Los Angeles-based Victorian gentleman, is best known as the prolific producer Daedelus. Here, he charts the evolution of his love of electronic sounds and gives us a private performance on his famous future toy, the Monome.

Probably my favorite episode of XLR8R TV so far!

Friday Electronic Music Blogging – Vocoder Edition

For now, these videos will lean toward the FL Studio software (formerly Fruity Loops), as that is the one I mainly tinker with. Today’s video is a tutorial on how to use the vocoder in FL Studio, which is really easy to set up, and makes up one of the staples of electronic music effects.